Our summer seminar series continues. We have Dr. Iordachita from Johns Hopkins University presenting his existing works on medical robotics. Our audience are rising HS seniors (3), college students (2), research fellows (2), and PI-Hata. @ncigt_amigo

Summer seminar series continue. We had another great seminar speaker today - Dr. Zhang of WPI! Our audience were in France, Japan, Seoul, Poland, Boston suburbs, and of course 75 Francis St. @ncigt_amigo

Invited speaker Dr. Oliver Jonas presented his excisting med device research to summer students taking PI-Hata's online seminar series. COVID-19 doesn't stop us from inspiring next generation of scientists.

Weekly Prostate BRP meeting with our colleagues from JHU and WPI. This is Week #695 since @claretempany
started this open/transparent/collaborative weekly meeting on prostate intervention in March, 2007 #BWH #NCIGT #AMIGO.

Video Recordings of the lectures presented at a recent Image-Guided Therapy Workshop (Apr 16, 2020).

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