Our Approach

The Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory focuses on development of novel computer and engineering methods for image-guided therapy.

Our unique approach, where imaging, computing and robotics are integrated into one unit to enhance the capability of image-guided therapy, aims to advance a minimally invasive therapy and ultimately develop new treatment methods.

Being part of a clinical research program in a Harvard affiliated hospital, we stress actual clinical applications of the developed methods. We do science, engineering, and applications. The laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Nobuhiko Hata.


Our Mission

The Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory enables more effective and less invasive image-guided therapy.

We fulfill this mission through a commitment to:

  • Developing innovative devices and mechanisms for robotic surgery
  • Inventing computer and engineering methods for surgical navigation
  • Applying the developed technologies in actual clinical cases and delivering unique feedback to the scientific research community
  • Sharing our research data, software, and device design with industry and academic peers
  • Applying synergistic coupling to scientific disciplines unaware of or presently disconnected from image-guided therapy