Job & Volunteer Opportunities


A Cut Above the Rest

A scientific research laboratory in a Harvard-affiliated hospital, Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory centers on the development of innovative computer and engineering methods for image-guided therapy and surgeries. With a proven track record of scientific publications under its belt, Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory is certainly a cut above the rest.

Beyond Science

Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory goes over and beyond your basic science. We use developed biomed engineering methods in real clinical practice. We do science, engineering, and applications.

Platform for Thriving Careers

Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory has empowered many successful researchers and they have continued their career in the industry, universities, and within Harvard Medical School.

The SNR Laboratory and its Parent Institutions

Working at the Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory is an exciting experience. We are part of the National Center for Image-Guided Therapy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Our faculty members are also professors of Harvard Medical School, and research fellows upon review and appointment will be granted a position at the medical school as well.

Open Positions

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

We have an opening for T32 fellowship program entitled “Training in Image-Guidance, Precision Diagnosis and Therapy. Appointments will be for one to two years. U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a research or clinical doctoral program are invited to apply. ¬†Salary is commensurate with qualifications and years of training. Interested applicants to SNR laboratory shall fill out the inquiry form.

Online and in-person student Interns

We are looking for student interns (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled in degree accrediting programs in Boston area for in-person attendance, and outside of Boston area for remote participatoin. Stipend support is provided as needed for students from Boston area. Preference is given to Graduate and Medical Students who stays in the lab in all fall/spring semester, or conduct research project as part of project in the school.

See this page and find projects in “current student opportunities.” Interested applicants to SNR laboratory shall fill out the inquiry form.¬†

International Visiting Researchers (MD, PhD)

SNR welcomes foreign visitors to stay and participate in our research. In the past we have had students seeking Masters and/or PhD degrees and postdoctoral fellows with MD and/or PhD degrees work with us. The recommended duration of the stay varies depending on the nature of the projects being pursued and the background of the visitors; successful visitors stay more than one year. Visiting Research Positions are unpaid positions. Applicants should be supported by their own funding to join the SNR laboratory. We assist in prospective postdoctoral fellows’ applications to fellowship programs to support their stay in the SNR laboratory. Examples of fellowship programs we support are the Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF) and the Japan JSPS fellowship.

If you have identified a fellowship program, please approach us using this form.