Collaborating PIs

MPI, Co-I, Core-PI of actively funded projects. We have much longer list of research engaged in variety of styles of collaborations!

Adam Kibel, MDUrology, Surgery, BWH

Alexandra Golby, MDNeurosurgery, BWH

Chrysalyne Schmults, MD, Dermatology, BWH

Clare Tempany, MD,  Radiology, BWH

Iulian Iordachita, PhD, JHU

Junichi Tokuda, PhD,  Radiology, BWH

Kemal Tuncali, MD, Radiology, BWH

Oliver Jonas, PhD,  Radiology, BWH

Pedro Moreira, PhD, Radiology, BWH

Ron Kikinis, MD,  Radiology, BWH

Tina Kapur, PhD, Radiology, BWH

Tokuyuki Honda, PhD, Canon USA

William Wells III, PhD, Radiology, BWH