SNR team, King/Hata/Tuncali (4,5,6th from the left), were involved in the FIRST case of MRI-guided implantation of micro device for drug discovery research. Amazing collaboration with Drs. Adam Kibel (Urology) and Oliver Jonas (Radiology. 3rd from the left)! @ncigt_amigo

These are the list of the current collaborators SNR Lab. We are so blessed to work with so many of talented researchers!

Our grad student Artur Banach’s experience at SNR lab is featured in his school’s article. He sure is having fun with us!

Six summer students finished 10-week-long on-line seminar series to understand the contemporary topics on medical robotics and image-guided therapies. The graduation ceremony was held online using Slack to present the certificates. @ncigt_amigo

Our summer seminar series continues. We have Dr. Iordachita from Johns Hopkins University presenting his existing works on medical robotics. Our audience are rising HS seniors (3), college students (2), research fellows (2), and PI-Hata. @ncigt_amigo

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